Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marco.... POLO!

Me, my thoughts and I have been playing nice and relocated!

Come find me at my new website (and domain :D).

Let's chat soon, xo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

B R B . . .

As much as I attempt to update and write on a regular basis, I feel as though I'm spinning in a bizarre whirlwind. I have handfuls of posts started, just not perfected and posted. But it's come to a point where I need to just take a day or two to gather my thoughts before I even try to be a "writer" or "blogger".

An old, old, oldoldold friend has taken her life and it seems to have brought a seemingly unstoppable life to a dead halt. Yet, the universe is making it very clear that as much as my thoughts or body are not moving, everything else is.

Exhibit A: a clearly unstable woman stood up in front of everyone on the 6 Bay bus and pulled
down her sweatpants to adjust her white, ass-gathered granny panties. GOOD MORNING.

Exhibit B: walking aimlessly downtown, thoughts and mind clearly not
in sync, I pass a man petting an iguana sitting on his shoulder. WTF??

I get it. I need to get back to the regulated march of my life.. but, for just a bit, I think there's enough crazy and bizarre wandering these streets that I can duck out for a few. I promise to return, full force and frazzle free, after some time away...

And to the family and friends: there's never much to be said at a time like this... so instead I send out constant thoughts and prayers and hope you, my old friend, are finally at peace ♥.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop drinking the weaksauce. No big deal.

Sometimes the universe speaks to me and usually it strikes up a conversation by injuring me.

Case in point: spraining my ankle.

You see, I have played sports my entire life. I've had ridiculous adventures climbing trees, cars and ice mountains. I used to say my ankles were rubber since I'd roll over them about 50% of the time I'm on my feet. Yet, I have never injured anything below the shoulders. Then, in my more sensible years (i.e. a couple weeks ago), I sprained my ankle hopping down from a truck. It wasn't even a big truck! It is the most pathetic injury of my life. I may as well be 80 years old and breaking my hip trying to bathe myself.

Throughout my adventurous and jockish tendencies, I've had many inevitable injuries, but I played through them. As a result, I toughened up. And now that I don't go on any questionable adventures I suddenly sprain my ankle hopping out of a car. WOW.
The absolute lame act of injuring my ankle feels like an unavoidable message from the universe. To endure such pain by such pathetic means made me realize I need to make an important change in my life: I need to start doing more awesome, adventurous and potentially dangerous activities, God willing.

Moral of the story: there is always time to have fun without concerning yourself of the risks. That's how the BEST memories are made: You never expect or anticipate the awesome events you share with your friends over and over again. There may not or never will be a reason to do said things, but don't worry because once you've done them (and recovered) you'll know exactly why you did it and why you'll never regret it.